Our story about raising the most amazing boy who just so happens to have Autism.

The Vaccine Debate – My Opinion based on My Son

Child vaccineNote:  I posted this blog over 2 years ago and amazingly enough, it seems the debate continues to stir some harsh emotions.  People – please stop being dicks to each other!  I get it.  Pro vaccine has a legitimate argument that they do not want exposure and anti vaccine people prefer answers and to not harm their children further.  I don’t know the answer.  We vaccinated Zak and he has autism.  We vaccinated our daughter, she doesn’t.  We do not vaccinate Zak any longer as he has a compromised immune system.  We follow(ed) a modified schedule with out daughter in fear she could be susceptible.  I do my best to keep my children healthy and to keep them away from others when they are not.  If you can say the same, fight your fight but do not ask me to make sure my son is vaccinated.  I do not ask to cut your child’s hands off because they did not wash their hands after going to the bathroom (the best way to transmit germs).  And yes, you are guilty of it.  You cannot monitor your child every moment and believe it or not, your little rug rat is filthy.  Likely even more filthy than mine.  So, stop being an ass when giving your opinion.  Anti vaccine people, stop responding to the hatred.  Everyone  is entitled to their opinion but not to hatred.   Follow some form of respect and continue to vaccinate YOUR kids.  Just don’t cast a stone!  You never know what could happen. Continue reading

Diet and the Biomed Approach – What We Do

We get asked all the time about the GFCF diet and the biomed approach that we follow.  We assume mostly because of the results we have seen and how well, we believe, Zak has improved over time.  Before I go into it, understand that this was a long process – one that has taken years but we have consistently seen results since day one.  He did not magically start recovery overnight.  It took consistency, it took hard work and it took overcoming negative thoughts about what we were doing.  Many did not believe and heck, you may still not believe it today but we are pretty sure he did not just grow out of autism.  When we started we said we would do anything to help him and this was where we started.  We are here to help so if you have questions, let us know. Continue reading

5 Websites to Help Navigate Autism

We are always asked what did we do when we first learned that Zak had Autism.  First, we cried – a lot!  Then, we researched. We spent time at the library and some time talking to parents but, and as most of you have come to learn, there is something out there called the internet!  We spent hours and late nights researching sometimes till we fell asleep at the desk!  Truthfully, I have no idea what I would do before the internet was around.  No wonder my parents are so afraid of it.  It is magic and evil!

Of course, many of you go to the internet to research and I am sure you find it a daunting task.  So much is out there now that who do you trust to give you the correct information to help your child.  Well, here are 5 websites that we relied on for helping Zak. Continue reading

Disney Vacation Success

Fun at DisneyWith Disney recently in the news, I thought it would be a good time to do a blog on our family vacation this year to Disneyland.  We did not request the disabled pass so I thought this blog could help others have an enjoyable time at the happiest place on earth while traveling with a child with Autism.   I want to share our experience and what we did to prepare.

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