14th Annual SARRC Community Breakfast

April 26, 2012

SARRC - Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center


I had the pleasure of being invited to the 14th Annual SARRC Community Breakfast and fundraising event by an old high school friend who as well, has a son on the spectrum.  Fundraising events, in my experience, are typically, how can I say this nicely, a snooze fest. Even when you try to support the organization to its fullest.

However, this was an amazing event put on by an incredible team.  ZAKSMOM and I are very familiar with SARRC.  Although we have never fully taken advantage of their services, whenever we have had a question, concern about therapy, or help in finding a provider, they have always been there and incredibly supportive.  We do what we can to raise funds for this amazing organization and would recommend it to anyone just needing some questions answered.

Keep in mind, they are not just helping the kids that are just diagnosed.  I saw an amazing video where they worked with a younger sibling of a child that was recently diagnosed  to ensure that they were catching any issues early.  The child did have a mild for of autism and they were able to catch it at 15 months (we cannot say this enough, early intervention is the best.  She is doing amazing well with her therapy.

They also focus on teens and adults to prepare them for real world.  The vocational/life skills class help all and even work with local companies to train and provide jobs.  There were some amazing stories of the success of the program(s) and what is next.  It is amazing and the good news, they are being copied throughout the US and Canada.  Copying is not only the best form of flattery, it is the best way to help our children prepare to be adults and be able to take care of themselves.  It was one of the first worries we had when Zak was first diagnosed.  How are we going to be able to take care of him throughout adulthood.  What happens when we are gone?  Who is going to help him?  SARRC is answering those questions for many families

Check out this amazing organization and support them when you can.  If you have questions about your child, do not hesitate to call or contact them.  They are the most helpful group and want to help.  Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.

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Denise D. Resnik May 13, 2012 at 8:20 AM

Thank you for your support, terrific blog and keeping us all connected! Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day, Denise


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