2013’s Dirty Dozen – What You Should be Buying Organic

April 26, 2013

Anti-Inflammatory-Foods (1)The EWG’s (known as the Environmental Working Group) has come out with their 9th annual Dirty Dozen in their Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce.  We are told from practically the day we are born to “eat our fruits and vegetables” but I am pretty sure that should not include pesticides.

We have gone almost completely organic when it comes to fruit but still rely on some non organic frozen vegetables.  We are working on it because we do see a difference.  Not only in Zak but in the rest of us.  We feel better – does not stop the eating of ice cream or Oreo’s but we are doing better as a whole.

But seriously, it is important for our autistic kiddos to avoid all toxins and this list gives the worst offenders.  Most of the items here are staples, especially in our house, so if possible and you can afford it, you need to do your best to buy organic.  If you cannot buy organic, make sure they are thoroughly washed (I have included a link on how to make your own fruit wash at the end of the post).

1.  Apples – Always on the list.  However even Wal-Mart is carrying bags of organic apples.  Just check the labels.  Wash, wash, wash!

2.  Celery – Claims the same spot as last year.  Zak is not a celery fan so he avoids it anyway.

3.  Cherry tomatoes – New to this year’s list.  Again, not Zak’s favorite.

4.  Cucumbers – Also new to the list this year.  We love our cuc’s around here.

5.  Grapes – Easiest fruit for a kid and name one that does not love them.

6.  Hot peppers – ZAKSMOM is not a fan so they stay out of this house.

7.  Nectarines – Recent tests show that you can find 33 different pesticides at harvest.  Scary.

8.  Peaches – Same as the nectarine.

9.  Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are a good alternative and better for you.  Zak loves roasted sweet potatoes and now, so does the family!

10.  Spinach – Can’t be a super food if there are typically 50 different pesticides on them!

11.  Strawberries – Fewer pesticides are found on frozen than fresh but still high on this list.

12.  Kale and collard greens – Cabbage is a good alternative.

There are several commercial fruit and vegetable washes such as FIT or Earth Friendly but you can make your own.  Here is a link to making your own fruit and vegetable wash at home, much cheaper than the commercial versions.   However, a little tip, really rinse well if you want to avoid any lingering taste.

Enjoy those fruits and veggies (the clean way)!

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