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June 4, 2012

I have been playing around with some apps lately to see if we could use any for Zak this summer.  I have come across some really interesting apps that I think will help most children, especially high functioning autistic children like Zak.  We are always looking for calming apps and also, apps that help Zak in social situations.  Here are five recent apps that I have liked and apps that may help your autistic child:

  1.  All About Me Storybook is a totally customizable storybook application offering picture, text and audio support to individuals learning their personal information. Twelve Chapters representing personal categories that allow user to add pages that can be personalized with imported photos to provide visual support. In addition text can be added to the photos on each page as well as adding custom audio recording.  $2.99 on ITunes.
  2. Transitions are especially hard for Zak so we tried Time Timer App.  It works great and is a wonderful visual timer for kids on the spectrum that struggle with transition.  Price is a little steep for the app but worth it in our opinion.  $6.99 for IPad.  $3.99 for the IPod or ITouch app.
  3. Another good one for transitions is My Visual Timer.  Only $1.99 this simple app worked really well.  The app allows you to setup 12 different timers and I know this would work great in the classroom.
  4. I wish we would have discovered this before school let out but I have been playing with it and really like it.  Social Skills ($4.99) is a wonderful, full featured app.  This social skill app is appropriate for people with high functioning autistic kids like Zak. The social skills are geared towards common situations that arise during the school day, such as: Conversations, Classroom, Cafeteria, PE Class, Recess, Playing games and other social skill areas.  I was really impressed and will try to use this summer.
  5. Social Skill Builder’s series of innovative software programs use interactive videos to teach key social thinking, language and behavior that are critical to everyday living.

Social skills and transitions are big issues for Zak and that is what I have reinforced here.  At school, meltdowns typically happen with transition or if he is overstimulated either by noise or the work.  These apps focus on handling those concerns to avoid the meltdowns and calm your child.  We will continue to post more apps that we enjoy or apps that will work to calm the child.  However, we should always be working to avoid the meltdown by removing the antecedent prior to the occurring concern.

There are hundreds of apps out there and I am just getting around to some so if you have suggestions, please let us know.  We are happy to give them a test run and give you our opinion.  If you have found one you love, just post it in the comments section or send us an email via our contact page.

Note:  Although there are plenty of Android apps out there, we are currently an IPad/IPhone/ITouch household so that is what we are testing.  We do have access to Android apps and will help in any way we can.

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