Book Review: Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew

August 5, 2012

With school quickly approaching, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a “book review” on a book that I provide to each of Zak’s teachers at the beginning of the school year.  It is a very quick, easy read loaded with wonderful content.  The book is titled Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm.  This book provides an excellent understanding of how children with Autism experience “a typical landscape” like school, differently than their typical peers and then provides strategies on how to best capitalize on those differences.  This book does a great job emphasizing all that a child with Autism can do versus what their limitations are.  I am sure, like me, all parents are worried about their child being stereotyped and having teachers not having as high of expectations for their child with Autism.  I also am not confident that teachers get enough training and tools on how to be successful training children with special needs.  This book is a tool that will help your kiddo’s teachers with critical information that will help “turn the light on to learning” for your child with Autism.

Sending Zak to school each year is stressful.  There is always the concern of what his new teacher will think of him and how they will react to having him in his class.  ZAKSDAD and I are always nervous that he will be stereotyped.  So, our thought is to provide the teachers with the best information we can to help them be successful teaching and nurturing our son.  I give a copy of the book to each of Zak’s teachers and most importantly, I highlight the content that is most applicable to Zak.  To me that is the critical step…..not all students with Autism are exactly alike and I want them to best understand how Zak sees the world, how he behaves and how he learns.  Highlighting the key points that are most relevant to your child will also show that you are dedicated to your child’s success at that you see their success at school as your responsibility too – it shows a team approach!

I guarantee you this book will help the teachers that teach your child become more informed by helping them understand how a child with autism thinks and learns.  In my opinion, it will also improve their confidence in successfully teaching your child with excellent common sense strategies. Here is to a new school year!

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