Celebrating Success…a continuation

May 30, 2012

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Celebrate Your Success!!!

We hope you had an amazing, safe, fun and relaxing weekend.  I wish we could say relaxing was on our agenda but the first three items on the list, we covered.  Several parties, lots of friends and family and a revelation that Zak continues to improve.  It is, once again, a reminder to us (and to all of you) to celebrate the success and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  Every day is a battle which makes the success taste so much sweeter.

The revelations you ask!  Well, there were three:

  1. Tried new things – Trying new things can be a huge challenge with Zak as he fears, literally fears, change of any kind.  We struggle with this from time to time – do we push him because we know that he will eventually like it or do we avoid the opportunity for Zak to have a meltdown?  This weekend, we pushed and guess what?  No meltdowns.  Not even a peep.  For the first time, Zak tried pizza.  It was GFCF Hawaiian with ham and pineapple.  Crust was gluten free and there was no cheese AND HE ATE IT!  The crust was not great so I know we can improve on this but he did it.  It was great to see and we will continue to add to his food choices.
  2. The Back Dive – Zak does not want to hurt himself.  You may remember he was going through “a phase” that he was pretending he was dead.  He would not get out of bed in fear that he would hurt himself.  ZAKSMOM, while at a friend’s house, convinced Zak to dive backwards into the pool.  She was there to help him and support him and he landed square on his back (leaving a nice red mark) but he did it without so much as a pushback.  It was fun to see.
  3. Quiet moments – Over the course of the past month, beginning with his birthday party, Zak has remained actively engaged with friends.  As anyone would, when overstimulated, we look for “quiet time” and a place to retreat.  That is typically the case with Zak when he is around others.  We have had quite a few parties and play dates this month and I was amazed that Zak not once, retreated to a place where he could get away from the other kids.  He continued to play, was as engaged as ever and really worked hard to do what the other kids wanted.  That is a big step and one that shows hard work is paying off.

I am pretty sure being out of school is helping.  We may not have been putting enough credence on how much school could be contributing to his anxiety.  We have also taken him off his pharmaceutical yeast killer and he is much more talkative and animated.  Certainly a little less irritable but again, that could be driven by being in a more comfortable environment than anything else.

The takeaway here is that it continues to be a battle but it continues to improve.  Some days it is a one step forward, two steps back but there are moments that we can take pride.  Zak works so hard.  Sometimes, I want to give up and let Zak just be Zak.  Let him eat the crap that I ate as a kid.  Let him not try because he cannot tell us what he is feeling.  He would sometimes tell me his brain was not working.  That would just break my heart – our hearts and so that is why we keep going.  We need to give him every opportunity and to see how far he has come, well, it starts to patch the holes in our hearts.

Celebrate the successes.  Pat yourself and your child on the back.  Be strong and always be moving forward.  Stay sane.


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