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February 18, 2014

We get asked all the time about the GFCF diet and the biomed approach that we follow.  We assume mostly because of the results we have seen and how well, we believe, Zak has improved over time.  Before I go into it, understand that this was a long process – one that has taken years but we have consistently seen results since day one.  He did not magically start recovery overnight.  It took consistency, it took hard work and it took overcoming negative thoughts about what we were doing.  Many did not believe and heck, you may still not believe it today but we are pretty sure he did not just grow out of autism.  When we started we said we would do anything to help him and this was where we started.  We are here to help so if you have questions, let us know.


First, let me talk diet.  We have had Zak on a GFCF diet since his diagnosis.  Prior to that, kid subsisted on goldfish crackers, chicken nuggets, pancakes and juice.  Yes, we were making things a lot worse but knew it was an opportunity to help him get better.  It wasn’t easy and I have heard many a parent tell me that it is too hard or their kid just could not go through with it.  Believe me, I get it.  It is far from easy but I can tell you it has helped make a difference.  Just FYI – it does not CURE Autism – however, it will help with behavior.  After a few weeks on the diet, Zak was a much different kid.  He spoke more, he would respond more and not meltdown as often.  It did not stop the meltdowns but it did help minimize.  I am no doctor or scientist but the effects on the gut made a lot of sense to me and we believe that everything we put into Zak will ultimately affect his gut and thus his mood.  Want to see the reverse results for yourself?  Eat 10 Twinkies and see how you feel.  A bit agitated, I bet.  It is worse on our kiddos who already have a compromised gut and immune system.  Note:  We are not 100% GFCF but we have got to the point where Zak recognizes when he can have it and when it will cause issues.  He completely monitors himself and asks every time he wants to have something he should not.

Food Allergies:

Next thing we did was get a food allergy study.  This made life miserable – not because of the test (he looked like a robot) but because we ended up determining he was allergic to eggs and corn.  Not sure if you are too familiar but those two ingredients are in everything including GFCF items.  Well, we work around it.  And we were diligent for a solid year without many missteps and but it was tough.  Needless to say, Zak’s diet was lean meat (chicken or turkey), a green vegetable (sometime carrots) and a fruit which typically was an apple or grapes (which feed the yeast in his belly but that is another issue to discuss in a later blog).  He really lives on this daily for dinner and has a lot of GFCF staples that he will eat for snacks and breakfast however his dinner and lunch follow this pattern.  Also, we now only limit the eggs and corn.  They are in his snacks and some of the baked goods we give him but I believe that it because over time, we healed his gut and he is able to ingest more without doing damage.  He can go to a birthday party and have a piece of cake and you will not see him be any different than any other child sucking down that sugar like it was crack!


Again, not for everyone due to its expense and the trouble to determine what is best but along with diet, allergies and therapy, supplements have made a huge difference when they are correct.  We have reached a point now where when something is not working or appropriate, we can tell and need to try something else.  We have had some wins and some loses (remind me to tell the funny story of giving him daily B-12 shots.  Hillarious) but we have stuck with it more than anything else we have done and outside of him needing to trim his nails constantly, we see a difference.

First it starts with a full set of labs including a stool lab.  I know more today about poop than I ever would have wanted!  If you have a fluffy stool (always made me laugh) I can tell you why!  If its dark, I know why!  I should have a title like “King of Poop” or “Poopalicious”!  It is the only thing ZAKSMOM would not do on this journey and that is collect the stool sample (another fun story -what we do for our kids).  But I digress.  Lets just say that Zak has been on many different kids of supplements.  More that you would want to read in a single blog post so I am just going to provide you with what we are giving to him now and why.  Also, you will see a supplement tracker at the end.  Nothing special but we created it to help us and we are offering to you to use as you see fit.  Simple Google Spreadsheet doc that you can download.  Let us know what you think or if you need some help.

Here is the list:

Morning (with breakfast):

  • 2 Apperture Multivitamin – This is a special multivitamin that is GFCFSF and is specially formulated for our kids

  • 1 tablet Acetyl L-Carnetine – Helps with concentration and mood

  • 1 capsule high concentrate fish oil – we use Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil Softgels

  • 1 tablet 5-MTHF – we use Xymogen

  • On the way to school he will do a B-12 lozenge every other day

Evening (with dinner):


Zak will alternate between a B-12 lotion on his inner elbows or a Evening Primrose tablet.  He also takes a probiotic.  We use Xymogen ProbioMax DF – 100 Billion CFU Probiotic.

Simply stated, it is not easy.  Collecting poop, holding Zak down while he gets a blood draw every quarter and saying no when he wanted something.  SH** is hard!!!  But, it has been worth it as we see how he has progressed.  He continues to make incredible strides. Frankly, if we all wanted to feel better and be the best we can be, it only makes sense.  But, SH** is hard!!!  Till next time!


For more information on how diet is a great place to start, see this.

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