Dude? When did he start calling people dude?

June 19, 2013

We recently celebrated Zak and Katie’s birthday with a huge party here are the house.  I am pretty sure I was either sedated or drunk when I ok’d it but that is for another day.  It has become an annual event and I swear every year I will tame the beast that it has become but I am reminded how much fun they have.  Is 30 kids too much?

ZAKSMOM and I have always believed that the more kids that are around, the more opportunity for Zak to gravitate to one or two other children to bond with as well as see how the others socially interact.  In the past, this usually meant sensory overload and and him “hiding” during the party but this year it was completely different.

Zak has a few buddies from school.  Outside of school, he rarely sees them so opportunities like this are essential to his growth socially.  WOW – either what we are doing is working or he fell and hit his head and all the sudden – HE IS SOCIAL!

Now, lets not go crazy here.  He still struggles with eye contact and maintaining an interest outside of his own but when did her start saying “dude”?  I could not believe it.  Sure, it is a little slang and not the best way to interact but holy SH#$ who cares!  He is using a word that his friends use and doing it to interact with them.  “Dude.  Did you get to play Minecraft yesterday?”  “Dude.  How much will you give me if I peg my dad with a water balloon?”  “Dude.  Do you think your mom would  let you sleepover?”

What, wait.  What?  Did he actually ask another kid to have a sleepover?  Who is this and what have you done with my son?  Little bastard even started calling me dude!  Although, I guess he realized it was not the best way to refer to dad and caught himself but still, I think this is so cool (that is me trying to act like the cool kids.  Do they still use the word cool?  I digress).  I am so excited but laughing at myself that something as silly as using the word “dude” is getting me so excited.

As with any parent, not just parent’s of a child with autism, we would like our child to fit in.  Yes, they should be an individual and express themselves  they way they see fit but we all need to be liked.  We all need to feel like we are liked and I guess the fact that he is using a word that  the others are using, maybe, just maybe, he is fitting in.

I guess I share because I want others to know that it is real.  I want them/you to have hope.  Just so you know I don’t call any of this recovery even though I believe he was harmed and yes, I get that is how one defines it.   However, giving it some thought, I would rather call it better late than never.  Now, let’s see if he starts quoting Keanu Reeves and wants to take up surfing lessons!  Be well everyone.

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Michele Baer June 19, 2013 at 4:56 PM

Awesome Brian! Thanks for sharing this! So funny too…wish we still lived next door…


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