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April 10, 2012

To try and help Zak with his anxiety around dying, I reached out to his school’s psychologist today.  She provided some helpful strategies to try and after talking with me and asking some questions, has some great ideas on why he might be feeling this way.  I am crossing my fingers that they work because it is so hard to see your child suffering.  I also reached out to his teacher & speech therapist to inform them on the struggle that Zak is experiencing.  All were very supportive and offered insight into how they might be able to help.  What I would like to stress to everyone is…..when your child is struggling or you feel something is not right – reach out and ask for help.  Do not try to solve your challenges alone.  We are here to answer any questions you have or reach out to your support network.  There are so many people willing to help you that are knowledgeable and compassionate.  Zak’s dad & I have built a strong support network and have a lot of expertise on “Team Zak”.  I also encourage joining an on-line support / informative group.  People post what they need help with and group members respond.  I am a member of 3 yahoo support groups.  One group is local  for Arizona residence, but I am  also a member of improvingAutism & autism_insurance_help.  To find a group that is right for you go to and where is states “Search for Group” type in key words important to you.  Keep advocating for your child and continue to build your support network.  If you belong to any groups that you would like to share, please contact us or post a comment.

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