Great week!!!

April 20, 2012

Zak had a truly wonderful week and it is pretty obvious why.  Here in AZ, kids from 3rd grade on take standardized testing and all week, Zak came home with perfect reports from his aide. We even received a report that he “has had the best day yet”.

The reason – a quiet classroom. Heck, I walk into that 3rd grade class and I want to run!  I can only imagine what it is like for Zak and his sensitivities. This year, there has been much more participation and group work and although we love that from a social perspective, it makes for an opportunity for it to be overwhelming and a need to flee.   When it gets bad for him, he will go to a quiet area or he puts on noise cancelling headphones.  It is not a perfect solution but his classmates have been pretty accepting.  We are truly blessed as we hear the horror stories from other parents.

His reward – Denny’s. Not just because he loves pancakes but they have a claw machine.  You know, put in .50 and move the claw to try and get a stuffeed animal.  Let me tell you, I have prayed that he would lose so the obsession would wear off and we could save a few dollars.  He is so obsessed, he watches You Tube videos of peoople playing claw machines (believe it or not, there are videos all over YouTube of people playing claw machines.  Problem is, the kids always wins!  If it were a profession, he would be Tiger Woods.  And true to his form, with $3, he won two stuffed animals. We will post the picture tomorrow of his winnings! Not a bad ending for a great week.

Stay sane everyone.  It is all you can do.

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