Obesity. Really?

April 9, 2012

An article came out today regarding the relationship between obesity and autism.  Needless to say, that was not the case in our family.  Heck, ZAKSMOM barely gained any weight!  My personal opinion on this is that obesity is the cause of a lot of ailments that we have.  It is easy for us to trace back all the things we do that could cause our child’s autism.  I have depression and have taken medication – could that have caused it.  ZAKSMOM swam competitively for years.  Could all the chlorine in her system have caused it.  As a college student I subsisted on ramen, Hamburger Helper and Twinkies.  That cannot be good for anyone or anything that I came in contact with.  Did that cause Zak’s autism?  I agree that we have to do this research and we must find the cause to help our children but lets becareful of all the “causes”.  Obesity, especially downstream to our kids and their kids, is a problem.  There is more to this but please, do not think obesity causes autism anymore than vaccines CAUSE autism, or your partying ways in college CAUSE autism or even those tasty, cream filled sponge cake treats CAUSE autism.  Live a good life, be healthy, everything in moderation but there is no one cause to autism, just contributing factors.  This from the guy who believes that the amount of vaccines contributed to my son’s autism.  Maybe they meant MY obesity, not ZAKSMOM because she is the perfect weight (and no I am not just trying to score points)!  Stay sane.

Hostess Twinkies. Yellow snack cake with cream...

Hostess Twinkies. Yellow snack cake with cream filling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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