Vaccines? Again? Well, seemed a good follow up…

by zaksdad May 8, 2012

I am posting this as I just came across it. I am on the fence about this one as, again, I do not believe vaccines CAUSE autism. This article makes the claim that monkeys that were given autism (I am paraphrasing) had higher instances of autism symptoms.  Again, my belief is that they can trigger autism […]

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Vaccines – ZAKSMOM Responds to Previous Post

by zaksmom May 7, 2012

As ZAKSDAD promised in his previous post “Vaccines do not cause Autism, but they do not help” I am weighing in on the subject.   Vaccines and Autism continue to be a hot topic and everyone has an opinion and many feel their opinion is fact.  I will be providing you my opinion based on all […]

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Cliche’ or not – Success Tastes Sweet!!!

by zaksmom May 6, 2012

Zak & Katie’s birthday party was a huge success!  I think it was the biggest “kid” party we have ever hosted.  It was so exciting to see about 30 kids show up and have a great time swimming, going down the huge waterslide & jumping on the trampoline.  The best part was all the kids […]

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Facebook and the wonders of community…

by zaksdad May 4, 2012

It is easy to bash Facebook.  As my mother calls it, “the ultimate time suck” (keep in mind, she is retired) it is easy to complain about but let me tell you, I embrace it with open arms.  True, it can be a time suck and yes, I roll my eyes at my friends who […]

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The Birthday Party is Saturday!!!

by zaksdad May 3, 2012

So this year, we thought we would try something different.  We combined Zak and Katie’s birthdays in to one big bash.  It will be an Angry Birds/My Little Pony theme party and although I suggested a battle of the two cartoon characters as a little fun, ZAKSMOM shot that down faster than I was able […]

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