Tuesday’s Book Review – A Child’s Journey Out of Autism by Leeann Whiffen

by zaksdad May 1, 2012

I have to admit that when we started our autism journey, I was not as invested as my wife.  Call it my “everything will be fine” mentatlity (which ZAKSMOM hates one minute and loves the next) but I really needed a trigger to get me started.  Why it was not my wife crying hourly or trying […]

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Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism – but they don’t help

by zaksdad April 30, 2012

Let me start with the disclaimer that this is only my opinion.  My opinion: Vaccines did not cause my son’s autism but I feel there is a correlation. My son became a different child when he received 5 vaccines in one day  (July 9th 2005). What has been the big discussion is what is (or […]

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Is He Crazy, Fine or just Zak? Anxiety and Autism

by zaksdad April 28, 2012

Hold the presses everyone!  The kid is fine. After several days, Zak is acting somewhat normal (well, Zak normal).  Allergies! That is all we can put our finger on. He had a similar problem weeks ago when ZAKSMOM was on the road and he was miserable. Took him to the doctor who said “no big […]

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The Triggers…

by zaksdad April 27, 2012

I have spent the past 4, almost 5 years chasing the damn triggers.  The triggers that get in Zak’s little mind and cause him to meltdown.  What set Zak off today?  Why did he get so upset that he threw things and kicked his aide?  Why, even after all of these years, does he still […]

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14th Annual SARRC Community Breakfast

by zaksdad April 26, 2012

I had the pleasure of being invited to the 14th Annual SARRC Community Breakfast and fundraising event by an old high school friend who as well, has a son on the spectrum.  Fundraising events, in my experience, are typically, how can I say this nicely, a snooze fest. Even when you try to support the […]

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