Meltdowns in Autism…Not tantrums

by zaksmom September 18, 2014

It was a tough day for Zak at school yesterday.  On his daily communication sheet sent home from school, we were told about several incidents where Zak melted down in the classroom.  Self regulation is another area Zak (and most children with Autism) struggles with.  We have worked very hard in this area providing Zak […]

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Self Regulation Strategies…How You Can Help Your Child

by zaksdad September 5, 2014

As we have discussed in the past, most Autistic children have issues with self regulation and tend to have difficulty expressing themselves.  Zak typically struggles to tell us how or what he is feeling.  And once that frustration takes over for him, it is too late.  He explodes.  He melts down.  It is heartbreaking to see because, as […]

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The Vaccine Debate – My Opinion based on My Son

by zaksdad March 18, 2014

Note:  I posted this blog over 2 years ago and amazingly enough, it seems the debate continues to stir some harsh emotions.  People – please stop being dicks to each other!  I get it.  Pro vaccine has a legitimate argument that they do not want exposure and anti vaccine people prefer answers and to not […]

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The Other Child…Autistic Siblings…Open Letter to my Daughter

by zaksdad March 10, 2014

  Good morning my precious baby! Happy Birthday!  8 years ago today your mommy blessed me with a beautiful little girl (YOU!).  Now we were blessed with one of each.  I had a boy and girl and our family was complete.  However, I never knew how true that statement was till now.  

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Diet and the Biomed Approach – What We Do

by zaksdad February 18, 2014

We get asked all the time about the GFCF diet and the biomed approach that we follow.  We assume mostly because of the results we have seen and how well, we believe, Zak has improved over time.  Before I go into it, understand that this was a long process – one that has taken years […]

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