Anti-Inflammatory Foods that can help kiddos with Autism

by zaksmom July 29, 2012

Studies and clinical experience have shown that many children on the autistic spectrum have a range of health problems, often concerning the gut and immune system.  A very common biomedical problem found in children with autism is a chronic inflammatory state.  It has been proven that persistent, chronic inflammation can also be linked to asthma, […]

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Marriage and a child with Autism…It Can Work!!!

by zaksmom June 29, 2012

Ok, so it is my turn to talk about marriage and how a special needs child & a typical, crazy child play into its happiness and outcome.  In ZAKSDAD’s recent blog on marriage and autism (, he talks about common goals and luck as things that help a marriage (our marriage) be successful.  I agree […]

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Marriage and Autism…Can it really work?

by zaksdad June 18, 2012

Lets keep the sappy stuff rolling.  Just read a great article regarding divorce rates among families with autism and boy, it is sad.  Obviously the divorce rate in this country is crazy ridiculous but among autism families, like I said, it is just sad.  There are some numbers that are floating out there, some as […]

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Reflections on Father’s Day

by zaksdad June 17, 2012

Well, here you go.  The sappy father’s response to being a father on Father’s day.  Let me start off by saying, and my wife will reiterate this, I am not an emotional guy.  I used to be but life experiences and a few wake up calls have left me a bit jaded.  I only tear […]

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Who Says a Trip to the Emergency Room is All Bad!

by zaksdad June 11, 2012

While on vacation, a trip to the emergency room gave me another glimpse at the growth Zak is making.  Yes, I did not need to see this growth in an emergency room while on vacation and at 2am but it was worth it.  The reminder here is that success can come at interesting times and […]

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