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May 14, 2012

Below are products we have used & we truly believe have helped Zak.  We want to share these items with you because we have found that most children on the Autism spectrum struggle with many of the same challenges so we want to help reduce the random trial of items that may not work, or when it comes to food just simply taste awful.  Although opinions can differ, we strongly believe in the list below.


  1. Twiddle Fiddle – We love this and Zak’s teachers love it too!  He has always had issues with fidgeting in class and this helps while keeping his focus!
  2. Chewlery – chewnoodle, chewable sample kit.  Zak uses them for calming and sensory.  Our daughter loves them too.  Just watch the usage.
  3. Over Ear Headphones – we like the noise cancelling the best and have tried a lot.  No need to buy BOSE as if your kids are like us, they will disappear.  Here is a very cost effective solution.  And you can get them in different colors.
  4. Epsom Salt for baths
  5. Sensory Brushes – used for calming.  We used this one everyday before Zak went to school.
  6. California Baby – Product line for GF hygiene products like shampoo, body lotion, body wash and sun screen.  Be careful – we prefer (and you should too) fragrance free.  The products are not cheap but are toxin free.
  7. Social stories – Customizable success stories for modeling social, safety and communication skills.
  8. DVDs and Movies – We love Model Me Kids and Teach2Talk dvds.  We have used both and Zak really enjoys them.  Lots to choose from for your child’s needs.
  9. Books:  See resources page
  10. Time tracker/timers – Used for ease of transition.  We have like this one from Learning Resources.
  11. Weighted Blankets and bedding (We use Creature Comforts).

FOOD ITEMSWe recommend buying in bulk when you can.  You can save a lot of money that way however try it first with your child to be sure before you spend the money.

  1. Glutenfreida Oatmeal – Amazon sells it in bulk for a great price
  2. Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets –
  3. Udi muffins – Buy in bulk here too.
  4. Kinninnick – they make multiple products that are good but we like the K- Kritters for snacks
  5. Ians – although we like Kinninnick better, Ians has some good products and Zak loves the alphabet fries.  Not everything is GF but you will find all natural as well.  Just read the label.
  6. Glutino – another maker of many food items.  Zak likes their pretzels.
  7. Vans waffles – Zak could not go more than 3 days without having a waffle.  Really good, all flavors.
  8. Trader Joe’s Pancakes – make sure you review the label closely.  Can be confusing.
  9. Gluten Free Bisquick – Makes a good pancake.  Sometimes you can get cheaper than bulk when on sale.  Good as a coating for chicken nuggets
  10. Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Oil – we use many different brands.  Most or consistent.  Coconut oil is great to cook with as it has a great smoke point
  11. Pasta – We use Pasta Joy products.  The pasta and spaghetti are made of brown rice and is very good.
  12. Cereal and snacks – We like EnviroKids for cereal and snacks like crispy rice bars (like Rice Krispie treats). Zak loves Gorilla Munch.

SUPPLEMENTS – is a great site for supplements

  1. Klair Labs Vital-Zymes chewables – Comes in 60 and 120 count.
  2. Enhansa – Yeast killer
  3. Fish Oil – hundreds of products but we prefer Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil with Essential Oil of Orange
  4. Melatonin – for sleep, mood enhancement
  5. B12 – Zak takes injection to his bottom but you can find other B12 options if your child hates needles.  Zak got used to it.  It requires a prescription and training.

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