MY IPAD?!? Sorry Dad…

April 8, 2012

This post is not about how the autistic kid broke my iPad.  Nope – but nonetheless, broken. However, the 6 year old neurotypical daughter was the problem.  Do not  get me wrong, I am not pushing the blame on her.  I easily could remind myself that she is only 6 and that dad needs to be more responsible with his things.  My fault but I thought I was safe with the case I had.  $12 at, black, leather and covered the whole thing.  It apparently does not protect the screen when dropped while getting out of a car.  $12 and you get what you pay for.  Oh well, it happens, right?  However, I cannot live without my iPad.  I WON’T!  So, keep your eye out.  I will be posting my new purchase of a cover for my soon to be NEW iPad!

On a side note:  Don’t tell zaksmom but I am happy it happened.  Needed an excuse to ugrade to the new one!  Stay sane.

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