The Birthday Party is Saturday!!!

May 3, 2012

Zak's Birthday Invitation

So this year, we thought we would try something different.  We combined Zak and Katie’s birthdays in to one big bash.  It will be an Angry Birds/My Little Pony theme party and although I suggested a battle of the two cartoon characters as a little fun, ZAKSMOM shot that down faster than I was able to build the steel cage!  Crazy people that we are, we are expecting some 30+ kids at this deal and I have considered starting a regimen of valium and 5 hour Energy shots starting today that will last me through the weekend!  Whose stupid idea was this?

However, the opportunity to have Zak not only in a massive social event to interact with numerous kids but to be in a highly stimulating situation was too hard to pass up.  Only problem is, let’s see who gets overly stimulated first – Zak or ZAKSDAD!  The great thing is that there will be two of Zak’s favorite people (no, not mom and dad) but Payton and Khloe!  Payton was the first friend and Zak and her played together everyday for the first few years (playing is a relative term here but Zak did gravitate to her the most).  Now he has Khloe – a classmate of his for the past two years.   I have talked about her before and she is one amazing little girl.  Perfect for Zak.  Kind of quiet, not too aggressive and has a lot of similar interests as Zak.  They get along great.   The idea here is that these two can be such a calming influence on Zak that (we pray) being around so many kids, he can always go to one of these young ladies to calm him down.  They are just perfect for Zak and we are so thankful for the two of them.  Being calm in overstimulating situations is one of Zak’s biggest issues.  What is wonderful, these two do it and we did not even have to train them on self talk and 5-point scales!

A funny aside to all of this was asking Zak about it while shopping for the party.  I said, “Hey Zak.  How are you going to be able to juggle both girlfriends at your birthday party?”  To which Zak replied, “It is going to be really hard, dad!”  That’s my boy!

I know I am crazy but this should be one of the best birthday parties ever!

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