The Dirty Foods…Fruits and Veggies You Should be Buying Organic

May 25, 2012

Lists.  Everyone loves a list so considering it is diet week, we have put together a list (from several sources but mostly beginning with the USDA) of the dirtiest fruits and vegetables you can find.  It is important for our autistic kiddos to avoid all toxins and this list gives the worst offenders.  Most of the items here are staples, especially in this house, so if possible and you can afford it, you need to do your best to buy organic.  If you cannot buy organic, make sure they are thoroughly washed (I have included a link on how to make your own fruit wash at the end of the post).

1.  Apples – Apples are very susceptible to insects thus, they get a healthy does of pesticides.  Apples year after year are number 1 or 2 on the list.

2.  Celery – USDA testing has shown that celery can contain up to 60 different pesticides.  Wash and wash and wash.

3.  Strawberries – Fewer pesticides are found on frozen then fresh but still high on the list.

4.  Peaches – 3 out of 4 of Zak’s favorites.  A safer alternative are tangerines or grapefruit.

5.  Spinach – USDA testing has found up to 50 different pesticides.

6.  Nectarines – Similar to peaches, 33 different pesticides have been found on nectarines.

7.  Grapes – Raisins as well.  And to top it off, a big yeast feeder.  Most fruit with high sugar content is an issue against recovering the gut.

8.  Sweet Bell Peppers – Never a problem in this house!  They tend to have very high pesticide residue.

9.  Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are a good alternative and better for you.  Zak loves roasted sweet potatoes and now, so does the family!

10.  Blueberries – Although not nearly as bad, alternatives such as cranberries and cherries are high pesticide residue carriers as well.

11.  Lettuce – Wash, Wash, Wash and rewash!!!

12.  Kale and collard greens – Cabbage makes a good alternative.


There are several commercial fruit and vegetable washes such as FIT or Earth Friendly but you can make your own.  Here is a link to making your own fruit and vegetable wash at home, much cheaper than the commercial versions.   However, a little tip, really rinse well if you want to avoid any lingering taste.

I will post a list of alternatives and “clean” foods the next day.


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