The Other Child…Autistic Siblings…Open Letter to my Daughter

March 10, 2014

Welcome to the World! Welcome to the World!


Good morning my precious baby! Happy Birthday!  8 years ago today your mommy blessed me with a beautiful little girl (YOU!).  Now we were blessed with one of each.  I had a boy and girl and our family was complete.  However, I never knew how true that statement was till now.  

See, there were times when daddy was not sure it even made sense to have another child.  Mom and Dad were doing pretty well with your brother and despite some “quirks”, he was doing pretty good as well.  I was worried you would change our family dynamic and cause a huge challenge to “the family”.  I thank the lord everyday because that is exactly what you did.

Brother loving on his sister Brother loving on his sister

Boo Bear, you are the perfect complement to our family.  You are always smiling, always are happy and always give of yourself.  Your heart is as big as you are and you bring sunshine to everyone that you come across.  When we need hugs, you always know and you give them.  When we need a laugh, you know how to provide them.  And when we need to learn, you are always there to teach us.  However, despite all these things, you have served a far greater purpose than you could never have known.   What an amazing gift you are to this family.  You see, we had no idea when you were born but you are exactly what was this family needed.  We needed you to help your brother.  To help him overcome his challenges, teach him to be social and to not fear anything.  Mom and Dad realize now we could have never had a moment of success with your brother without your help.  Your brother is recovering from autism but you have helped him.  Because you, without even knowing or trying, have made sure your bother continues to get better and continues to be better and continues to be the best he can be.  That is quite a bit to ask of an 8-year-old girl but you do it.  You do it everyday from the time you wake up till the time you put your head on the pillow at night.  You just do it and that is so special.  It is a quality that we all should have and I need you to know it and embrace it.  It is what makes you so unique and wonderful.  Truly a blessing.

You make him happy! You make him happy!

So to say that we love you seems to do a bit of injustice.  We know sometimes it is hard on you.  It sometimes seems your brother gets more attention or that when he has a hard day, you get considered “second”.  We don’t ever want you to feel that way.  We know that you are understanding and we know that you sometimes feel left out.  We want you to know that you simply make our world a better place.  A place where even when Mom and Dad (and Zak) are struggling, you know and you do everything in your power to turn our frowns upside down.  Not because you want some reward or credit.  Just because you are you.  A perfectly precious princess whom is loved for you just being you.  It is not easy being a sibling to an autistic child (or any special needs child) but even though you have  a limited idea of autism, you know how to be the best sister to your brother.  Our family is complete thanks to you.

That being said, pick up your room and no, you are not getting a car when you are 16.  We love you – we are not crazy!

Best Sister Ever!!! Best Sister Ever!!!


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Joe Cea March 28, 2014 at 2:33 PM

I am so blessed to have a wonderful Son and Daughter in law for blessing me with my grand children. I love you all very much.


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