The Vaccine Debate – My Opinion based on My Son

March 18, 2014

Child vaccineNote:  I posted this blog over 2 years ago and amazingly enough, it seems the debate continues to stir some harsh emotions.  People – please stop being dicks to each other!  I get it.  Pro vaccine has a legitimate argument that they do not want exposure and anti vaccine people prefer answers and to not harm their children further.  I don’t know the answer.  We vaccinated Zak and he has autism.  We vaccinated our daughter, she doesn’t.  We do not vaccinate Zak any longer as he has a compromised immune system.  We follow(ed) a modified schedule with out daughter in fear she could be susceptible.  I do my best to keep my children healthy and to keep them away from others when they are not.  If you can say the same, fight your fight but do not ask me to make sure my son is vaccinated.  I do not ask to cut your child’s hands off because they did not wash their hands after going to the bathroom (the best way to transmit germs).  And yes, you are guilty of it.  You cannot monitor your child every moment and believe it or not, your little rug rat is filthy.  Likely even more filthy than mine.  So, stop being an ass when giving your opinion.  Anti vaccine people, stop responding to the hatred.  Everyone  is entitled to their opinion but not to hatred.   Follow some form of respect and continue to vaccinate YOUR kids.  Just don’t cast a stone!  You never know what could happen.

Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism – but they can help it along…

Let me start with the disclaimer that this is only my opinion.  My opinion: Vaccines did not cause my son’s autism but I feel there is a correlation. My son became a different child when he received 5 vaccines in one day  (July 9th 2005). What has been the big discussion is what is (or was) in them (thimersal).  I am not sure that one product can cause Autism – it just seems a bit far reaching to me.  However, how much he received, in my opinion, triggered whatever laid dormant in him.  Likely, many things caused his autism.  Genetic disposition.  ZAKSMOM having  HELLPS Syndrome while giving birth.  My taking depression medication for years.   The crappy air we breathe in Arizona.  The fact that every summer our brains are fried by 110 degree weather so we jump in the pool with all the chlorine and chemicals and it seeps into our skins and therefore, BAM, autism.  Genetic, environmental and all things in between – just not vaccines on it’s own.

Research Before You Vaccinate
Research Before You Vaccinate

The reason ZAK received 5 vaccines that day is because the schedule said so and we were lazy.  We both were working and lived far from the pediatrician.  It was hard to get time off.  It was his 2 year checkup and we were already late in getting it done.  The CDC schedule said he needed these vaccines at his 2 year checkup and, well, what the hell did ZAKSMOM and I know.  New parents and you are taught to trust your pediatrician.  We even asked the question to him.  “Do you have any concerns about vaccinations?”  His response is that he vaccinates his kids per the schedule.  Seemed good enough to me (he is not our pediatrician anymore but that does not mean he is not a good doctor).  I never should have allowed that many.  NEVER, but I never questioned it beyond that one question.  Even more ironic, I was selling to pharmaceutical companies and I knew all about side effects and adverse events yet, I did not ask more questions.

Lets be honest, too much of anything can be hurtful. Coca Cola and Pepsi are safe too but that does not mean you should drink a case of it a day.  Who does not love a Twinkie?  Would you eat boxes of it in a sitting?  Too much of something, of anything, is simply not good and the bottom line is we are all different.  Our chemical makeup is completely different from one person to the next.  It is why some people have allergies, or diabetes, or high blood pressure, or have strokes, or dimentia, or any number of things (including different color hair, eyes, tall, short, fat, skinny, bald or not).  Doesn’t it make sense that how we react to what we take in and how we process it is different for each of us?

Please, and I speak for ZAKSMOM (she will respond to this later), we beg you to vaccinate your children but be smart about the schedule.  We give Katie vaccines – we are just smarter about when she gets them.  We simply do not want to take the chance but we also do not want to take the chance for her being a carrier for something else that could harm others.  And, she is a neurotypical child (she is a crazy 6 year old girl and at times is harder to raise than a child with Autism).

So, consider this though if you do not feel the same: is it possible?  Is it possible that vaccines could be linked to autism?  Even in the slightest?  Even if it is a genetic issue could the genetic concern that may sit dormant, be brought out if a vaccine is administered?   If 5 vaccines are administered together?  I agree it could be anything so is it possible that there could be a link?  I feel there is.  I have seen it in my son and I point to July 9th, 2005 as the turning point.   I currently have nothing else to point to but I recognize it could be anything.  Tell me differently and I will listen.  Till then, vaccinate your children but be smart, do your research, and do not be lazy.  You can go to the doctor anytime to get the vaccines.

Here is a great resource (Generation Rescue) on vaccines including revised schedule and questions you should ask.  Again, do your research.  I bet you would if you were buying a TV.  Doesn’t it make sense to do that for your child’s health?


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