Tuesday’s Book Review – A Child’s Journey Out of Autism by Leeann Whiffen

May 1, 2012

A Child's Journey Out of Autism - by Leeann Whiffen

I have to admit that when we started our autism journey, I was not as invested as my wife.  Call it my “everything will be fine” mentatlity (which ZAKSMOM hates one minute and loves the next) but I really needed a trigger to get me started.  Why it was not my wife crying hourly or trying desperately to get my son to look at me, I do not know but author Leeann Whiffen and her book, A Child’s Journey Out of Autism was a good start.  (Note:  A Child’s Journey Out of Autism has been out for sometime but it is that good).

It is easy to figure out why.  Ms. Whiffen and her husband are not the “everything is going to be fine” type.  However, they based their recovery plan on hope and a never quit attitude – no matter what it takes.  They were going to help their son be the best he could.  If that meant mortgaging the house to pay the $30,000 for therapy – well, that is pretty scary (one that I feared) but they were doing it.  It is a story of struggle, unbelievably stressful moments and a fight to ensure that Clay will recover and I could easily relate.

The journey is a long one for the Whiffen family but this book is so well written and with such heart and conviction, you want to jump into the book to help them along the way.  The long, sleepless nights.  Crying all the time.  Not sure where to turn but making sure you kept moving forward because once Clay hit a therapy milestone, you could celebrate!  I felt like A Child’s Journey Out of Autism is like the movie Rudy except told by a mother’s point of view.  Clay is an amazing child and Ms. Whiffen’s advocacy did not stop at her child.  This is taken from her website www.leeannwhiffen.com:

Leeann is co-author of the Early Intervention Fast Start Checklist developed for the Autism Council of Utah (ACU), and was awarded “Outstanding Individual of the Year” by the ACU and is a recipient of the EP Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished Service Award (Exceptional Parent magazine). She is the president and co-founder of the Utah Autism Coalition, and serves as the Autism Speaks Utah Chapter Advocacy Co-Chair. She is currently working with legislators to provide help for treating children with autism. She continues providing comfort and guidance to families facing autism—both independently and as a Generation Rescue Angel

Bottom line parents, if you need some hope and are not sure where to turn, this is your book.  Frankly, I loved this book.  I loved everything about it (I know, I have said that before).  The first time I read  A Child’s Journey Out of Autism, I could not put it down unless I was forced to and over the year it serves as a great reminder.  A reminder that although we have come a long way in our quest to recover Zak, we need to keep moving forward.  She is also very easy to connect with and a wonderful resource to follow on various social media.  If you get a chance, get to know her and her family.  Check out this brief video of Clay and his recovery.  They remind me all the time that there is hope and to keep moving forward.  Stay Sane Everyone.

To buy A Child’s Journey Out of Autism you can go here.




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