Vaccine Resources…A list of where to find information

May 19, 2012

Thank you everyone for your questions, concerns, thought provoking response and even the criticism.  We strive to not only give our opinion but ultimately, get folks talking about the epidemic of autism.  Again, we are believers of vaccinating your children.  However, we believe the current vaccine schedule is too aggressive and we believe that there are toxins in each that may not hurt everyone but can hurt some.  Do your research!!!  Protect your child!!!

I have assembled a list of websites that you find more information regarding vaccines and any possible correlation to autism.  This is a short list but we will build upon.  If you find websites and would like to share, leave a comment on this page or go to our contact page and shoot us a message.

Have a great Saturday and weekend everyone.  Stay sane.

National Vaccine Information



Generation Rescue

Center for Disease

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