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May 7, 2012

Zak Comes Home

As ZAKSDAD promised in his previous post “Vaccines do not cause Autism, but they do not help” I am weighing in on the subject.   Vaccines and Autism continue to be a hot topic and everyone has an opinion and many feel their opinion is fact.  I will be providing you my opinion based on all the reading and research I have done and what I have witnessed with Zak and have heard first hand from several other parents who have a child with Autism.

I agree with ZAKSDAD’s opinion that vaccines probably do not cause Autism but I believe 100% that they can trigger Autism.  I also believe vaccines are just one environmental toxin of which I feel we are bombarded with regularly in our lives.  I do not know what caused Zak’s Autism but here are facts I do know and I feel some or all may play a part.

Fact one:  My body does not handle “toxins” well.  I am allergic to bees and have a severe reaction to almost any insect bite.

Fact two:  While pregnant with Zak I was bitten by an insect (believed to be a spider) which caused a severe enough reaction to need a shot (I remember asking the doctor if the shot was safe since I was pregnant and then calmed myself down by saying “He is a doctor.  Of course he knows if it is safe to give a pregnant woman a shot.”).

Fact three:  I have an Rh-negative blood type and was given the RhoGam shot while pregnant.  Although the vaccine’s manufacturer(s) claim that thimerosal (which contains 50% mercury) has been removed from this vaccine since 2001, a study in 2004 found that it was still routinely used in the manufacturing process and then filtered out – which has shown to be ineffective.  The vaccine vials were also tested and 100% of the vials tested positive for mercury and aluminum.

Fact four:  At 38 weeks pregnant, I became extremely ill and went to the hospital.  After spending nearly 9 hours with what likely was toxemia, I was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome and labor was induced shortly after.

Fact five:  Zakary was given 5 vaccines in one day.

Simply put, I believe toxin overload (from everywhere and everything) triggers Autism.  I believe that the medical field and society in general does not pay enough attention to the potential risks of what is put into our bodies – especially while pregnant.  I also do not believe risk factors are discussed enough with patients so they can make informed decisions – of which I was given no decision to have either shot given to me during pregnancy.

Like ZAKSDAD I also believe vaccines are important.  What I would like to see is the following:

  1.  Children are screened along with a parent’s survey to see if there is any concern for a child to potentially have a compromised immune system BEFORE vaccines are administered.
  2. A reduced and slower vaccine schedule
  3. Doctors required to ask questions to the parent regarding the current health of the child before administering a vaccine.  My advice……NEVER allow a vaccine to be administered if your child is at all sick or has recently been sick (slight fever, runny nose).  Their immune system is already compromised.  We were never asked any questions before vaccine administration.
  4. Fewer chemicals used on our foods and in our environment.

I do not blame nor am I bitter towards the doctors who cared for me while I was pregnant.  In fact, I adore my OBGYN.  I truly believe mine and Zak’s doctors feel vaccines and other shots are safe for pregnant women and children.  It is my opinion that they have been given studies to prove these things to be safe.  I do not think any of my doctors advised me to take something or give something to Zak they felt was knowingly harmful.  My belief and fear is that too much of the information provided is from the drug manufacturers themselves and in my opinion they have too much to lose and can no way be impartial.

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