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May 11, 2012

There is so much information on the web about autism that it can be confusing and even frustrating.  When we started out, it was very hard to determine the good info from the bad.  Here are a few websites that we frequent often for help, news and hope.

Generation  Started by Jenny McCarthy and team, this is a great place for starting out and learn more about recovery solutions.

Autism  Great site for community and to find conferences to attend.

Talk About Curing Autism  Founder Lisa Ackerman and this site inspired me to do our site.  Great resource.

Soutwest Autism Research and Resource  Not sure if you can call it luck but the leading research and resource center is located in our backyard.  Amazing folks and the world comes to duplicate what these folk do daily.

Autism  I have always questioned their agenda but good info and the largest voice in the autism community.  Be careful of their politics.

As I have said, the community on Facebook is amazing and there is a great community on Yahoo.  Check the boards for support groups.  We will constantly but updating our blogroll and links so keep checking back for other great sites and places to find information.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay sane.

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