Who Says a Trip to the Emergency Room is All Bad!

June 11, 2012

ER's are not all bad!

While on vacation, a trip to the emergency room gave me another glimpse at the growth Zak is making.  Yes, I did not need to see this growth in an emergency room while on vacation and at 2am but it was worth it.  The reminder here is that success can come at interesting times and of course, you need to celebrate.  We did by having an ICEE during our emergency room visit.

We spent all day at the Waterpark of America in Minneapolis, MN and the end of the day was a welcome relief.  All I could think of was getting into bed and getting some sleep.  An hour in, Zak was up and crying.  His ear was hurting and “daddy, you need to make it go away NOW”!  Nothing like a 1 am wake-up call, while on vacation in a hotel in another state to test your resolve.  What contributed to this is ZAK’s Sister had the same issue two weeks earlier and we knew what it meant.  Ear infection. And the way he was complaining, it had to be a bad one.  Rock, paper, scissors with the wife and I am the one trying to find an Urgent Care and get him some relief.

On the drive over, I kept asking him how he was doing.  “Dad, it really hurts!”  “Hang in there buddy.” I said as I navigated through Minneapolis looking for the hospital.  As we entered, Zak immediately went to a chair and curled up, looking like he was done.  Poor kid just went through pink eye and now this.  The wait was short and we got back to the room fairly quickly.  Like flicking on a switch, my autistic kid decides to be a talkative, funny little guy.  As the nurses ask Zak about his Angry Bird pajamas and what he has done on his vacation, he goes on and on about all things Zak.  However, not only is it amazing to hear him speak to complete strangers while he is hurting, he even asks questions of the staff.  Where are they from?  What do they do on vacation?  His eye contact was good.  His questions showed true interest in others.  He was even being funny.  He talked about the water slides and his cousins and how he and dad did the family slide and he was “freaked out” but it was a lot of fun. Who is this kid?

The doctor comes in and the whole routine starts over.  Zak talks about he has a Dr. Jones at home that takes care of him. The doctor tells him he has a brother in Tucson.  Zak says he knows where that it is.  “Does he like Tucson?” Zak asks.  Huh?  Does he like Tucson?  Seriously, who is this kid?  My son has become more social than I have ever been!  I tell the doctor that Zak is autistic and the doc looks at me like I was nuts.  The autism does come out a bit though.  He starts telling them what date each waterslide opened and how they should go because HE likes it.

Back to the issue at hand, doc says he is fine.  A little red in the ear but keep him out of the water and he should be fine.  “Zak, you want an ICEE?” The nurse asks.  “Sure, do you have blue?”  She does and off we go.  As we are leaving, the ladies at the desk say bye to Zak.  He says, “I will be back!”  I say to him I hope not and he says “but Dad, they have ICEEs just like Target!”  As I explain to him we would rather stay out of the emergency room, he says “but I had fun!”  So did I son, so did I and just so you know, you were amazing.  Celebrating the success at 2am in an emergency room with an ICEE.  Life if good.

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